Where is the revolution in your chart?

The giants Saturn and Jupiter are moving steadily towards a turning point on December 18 when they change the 20 year cycle their conjunctions set on course from the cold cadent rhythm of Capricorn♑ to the expansive group consciousness of ♒ Aquarius.

We must keep in mind that both signs were originally ruled by Saturn. So often this planet is overlooked as having a rainbow side and love for humanity.

Indeed the father of time does and this could be considered a dawning of an age of Aquarius as it will set off a 20 year cycle in which we humans are to be challenged with creating a renaissance of ideas and new parameters in society.

What are you experiencing as a personal revolution? Is there a project or idea you have felt challenge and stagnation in the ability to move forward?

Your natal birth chart holds clues and keys as to timing and location as well as where your energy is best invested.

After all, life is how you planet! Keep looking up, the stars are here to guide you and I am your Navigator. Contact me today for an Astrology consultation. Mention “Revolution” and receive an extra 30 minutes for your one hour appointment!