The poop on Toilet Paper—Stop It!

People are going nuts over toilet paper. What I do is use water and save on the paper. There are far better ways and it is time people in the west evolve! First of all when your diet is clean, lean, and green—you use very little it is is usually just to check from habit. Using a bidet gives you the opportunity to use washcloths to dry and saves in so many ways! I have a Toto Toilet and use their bidet seat.

They have a less expensive version. Or an even fancier version that opens the lid for you! Seriously do you even need that?
Oasis makes a version for only $30!
I have traveled to 30 countries and many prefer a hose coming in at around $90:
Tushy has a solution for $79.
There is no reason to freak out on this.

Westerners are far behind those in other countries practicing the art of the bidet for decades!
Let’s wise up and ease up!

To use even less toilet paper, another great helper is to get into a better position using a step-stool like the Squaty Potty. This plastic model is only $25 and helps your body in so many ways to be healthy and happy!:
If you are more stylish and prefer the sustainability of bamboo which I do is $40:
Let’s clean up right people!

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