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Transformation stories:

rusti testimonial
In the summer of 2018, Ambika witnessed me super stressed about an upcoming visit with family. She asked if I wanted to do a speed version of her Thought Loop Transformation. In an intensive 20 minutes she was able to derail the stress and put me back on track for successful interactions with a difficult relative. The sudden peace I felt over the impending visit felt surreal and yet three days later I visited the family, kept my cool, avoided taking the bait of discussing hot topics that almost always turned into an argument on previous occasions and was able to part her continent on good terms. Amazing!

- Rusti Lee

jeff jones testimonial
When I began working with Ambika, I was unsure of many of things. But right off the bat, I felt like I had a vision and a feasible pathway to achieving my goals. She is fun, insightful, and she works intuitively as a guide. Whenever I have a session with her, I feel inspired, and ready to take on my life dreams. It has been nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Ambika Devi.

- Jeff Jones

amy testimonial
At an intensive writing retreat going into the depths of my mind and soul as taxing as running a marathon I experienced Ambika completing our creative time with guided meditations. She started by leading us in a practice of self- massage on our heads to help start the relaxation process. Within minutes, I was on a different level of existence– followed by a half hour in a deeply restorative nap. After that meditation, I experienced a blissful night’s sleep and awoke refreshed, feeling creative and ready for another day of writing.

- Amy Lenardson

julie testimonial
I am a student of Meditation under Ambika Devi learning the art of accessing and increasing intuition. My journey with her has been fantastically eye-opening. In the past I had trained in the disciplines of hypnosis and mediumship. I find Ambika's teaching unique and eye opening. Her extraordinary blend of techniques and expert knowledge of Far Eastern philosophies along with her extensive knowledge of the human body help her clients to reach deep states of trance meditation. She has been greatly influential in helping me to get in touch with my true self. Her wisdom and guidance give enormous value and I am honored to have her as my mentor on the journey of life. Thank you immensely and blessings!

- Julie Alexandra

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