Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages

With 43 years of experience I show you how to transform your life, calm the mind, increase productivity, career happiness, success, and build body-mind-spirit harmony and wellness. I show you how to identify the perfect choices, improve your public speaking and interview skills, identify your demographic and audience as well as the right branding and marketing with coaching and one-on-one counseling sessions. My passion is guiding individuals to find inner peace, outward success, and a greater level of health and happiness. 


Coaching Packages The Power of 3

Choose your path of Transformation!

Three 90 minute sessions leading you on the path of your choice.

The Career Target is the perfect choice when you know your skills and have been utilizing them but you are not seeing significant growth in your income, client base, and visibility.

Upon the Career Target Path I give you:

  • Branding Mastery utilizing the hidden information you are not seeing that already exists within you.
  • Audience Analysis determined through evaluation of skills, potentials, and acumen.
  • Accomplishment Alchemy hones your skills in follow-through and accountability.

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The Freedom path is the right choice when you are seeking new-found freedom in your career and feel that the work you are presently doing is taking you further from being who you really are. Choose this path when you want to experience earning and income as as extension of all things that make you happy!

Upon the Career Target Path we:

  • Identify your skills through a series of processes and evaluations.
  • Design and Initiate your plan with precision and clarity.
  • Target your purpose in life with integrity and mastery.

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Are you craving a relationship? Do you want to rehabilitate the relationship you are currently in? Do you need to get out of your existing relationship and rediscover who you are? Do you want to increase your clients trust and honoring of what you bring them?

Upon the Relationships Renovation path we increase your skills in all aspects of relating.

  • Thought Loop Transformation is a single session that transforms your relationship to the mind and empowers you to master it.
  • Social Life Success opens you to the possibilities that have been passing you by.
  • Harmonizing Communication increases your awareness and skills by the power of 10!

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Are you frustrated by your income level? Do you feel that there are hidden blockages that hold you back from ultimate success? Are you ready to blow the patterns up and work with energy rather than having it run you around in circles?

Upon the Character Charming Path I teach you:

  • Abundance Conjuring through many powerful practices that change your relationship to money and wealth permanently.
  • Love Magnetism gets you vibrating at a much higher frequency and into the river of synchrony!
  • Spiritual Seduction shows you how to create your own unique spirituality and heals your relationship with the concept of a higher power.

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Writing the bones

There is a Book in You! You deserve to write and publish it!

Quarterly  mentoring to keep you on track with your writing.

Writing coaching in 4 sessions quarterly:

  • Session I We Identify your story and inspire you to write.
  • Session II We evaluate your writing and outline your book.
  • Session III We organize your work thus far and create a plan for completion.
  • Session IV We create a publishing plan and set it into action!
  • 4 Bonus Sessions of 30 minutes each.

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Single Sessions

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30 minute Consultation



One hour Personal Coaching


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