How to Stop Missing Someone After a Breakup

One of the most challenging aspects of breaking up is finding oneself again. It is easy to lose ourselves in relationships and try to adapt or morph into what we perceive the other person wants.

This usually happens in the beginning when we are trying to attract the other person. Therefore it is important to approach relationships true to ourselves.

The remedy for easing the pain of pining and missing the one we left behind requires good friends and connections that give us love and support including time and hugs. Here are more ideas that can really help:

  • Talk to a coach or counselor. I highly recommend this not only when a relationship ends but also in the beginning! This way a lot of communication can happen much more clearly.
  • Join groups and activities that really resonate with what your likes and purpose reflect.
  • Ask yourself if you recognize past patterns in this recent relationship that you have just left. It is likely that you attracted it to learn from the past. Work on identifying the pattern and resolving it.
  • Attend a workshop on life-planning. Quite often we get into a relationship to avoid taking on the responsibilities of our own lives. Ask yourself if you were looking to be rescued from something—if you were then it is time to take charge of your own life!

The most important thing is to not isolate yourself. Do everything you can to realize that relationships are collaborations and friendships. There are never any guarantees as to their length and we must be grateful for every moment we have the opportunity to share energy with another soul.

Make a commitment that you will always hold yourself in the position of number one and in your future relationships strive to maintain your unique and amazing self!

Also be sure to schedule time with your friends, loving family members, and with your significant other. We must be very mindful of our time and attention so that all of our relationships stay healthy and are long-lasting.

This is an excerpt from an Upwork article where myself and 20 other experts gave their wisdom.