Do Chakras Spin?

Chakras are multi dimensional. How can we measure something beyond our dimension in two or three dimensions? We cannot.

Chakras and vital energy

Chakras are psychic centers of transformation. The word Chakra literally means a “wheel” or a disc or any arrangement in a circular organization in the language of Samskritham, संस्कृतं what we in English say Sanskrit. The word chakra implies movement. Therefore we can imagine these energetic areas as having constant fluctuation and movement.

Classically the seven major chakras are depicted as Lotus blossoms, a circular form surrounded by petals. Each lotus has a different amount of petals. Each petal vibrates to one of the sounds in the Sanskrit alphabet. For more on the language of Sanskrit consider taking Meditation 501: The Magick of Sound here in the Psychic Arts department.

Let go of Preconceived Ideas

I advise you to not imagine Chakras to be two dimensional nor to think of Chakras as spinning or like wheels.

Do not concern yourself with direction. The Chakras are energy. Think of these locations as vortex points that connect with sheath layers of the body that are unseen. They are more like Sea anemones moving in the water. I suggest watching videos of Sea Anemones to give you a visual.

Many people try to simplify the chakras. Truly the best way to understand the chakras is to meditate and notice the subtleties. Chakras do not belong to the physical body. Therefore it can be challenging to grasp them if we are viewing this from a physical point of view!

Primary Movement

The primary movement of the chakras is to transform psychophysical energy into spiritual energy. Psychophysical energy is electrochemical in nature and functions with the support of Prana प्राण. Prana is the vital life-force energy.

The organism of our physical body draws in dynamic Prana energy as we breathe in the air to replenish the body with oxygen.

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