Expert Astrologer

“Keep looking up, the stars are here to guide you and I am your navigator!”

As your Expert Astrologer, Ambika uses her professional training and experience to address your questions and provide guidance. She interprets your soul's journey using the mathematical and astronomical language of Astrology as taught to her by master teachers. For decades she has consulted using Astrology for individuals, large corporations, and has appeared on The Learning Channel as a relationship expert. In addition, Ambika has written Astrology for websites, newspapers, and online  communities.


Ambika is available for private consultations. Subjects she addresses include: Relationships and Love, Career Path and Money, Health and Happiness, Spirituality and Self-discovery, location and most importantly gifts, potentials, and life-path. 

Astrology consultation


Astrology is a  language and art form based on the science of astronomy. Astrology uses  location, time and mathematical angles to produce its information. An  Astrologer weaves the information together and tells the story of the  chart being used in a consultation.

Tarot Consultation


Tarot is  a deck of cards that is shuffled by the client with an intent in mind.  The Tarot consultant then lays out a spread and interprets the  information contained within the icons of the numbers, symbols and  images of the cards.

Astrology or Tarot?

Astrology or Tarot?

Both will address specific questions. Astrology is based on information  specific to the individual. Tarot is a random spread of cards. It is  totally a matter of personal taste. 

The mapping of the movement of the planets is readily available,  forecasting is a natural part of an Astrological Consultation. Please  keep in mind as your Astrologer, I am here to help you realize your  potential to the best of your ability.


Astrology Consultations

Astrology is based on Date with MM/DD/YYYY, Time HH:MM, and Location. This data is needed for each person and event in your inquiry.

Natal Astrology

The Day, Time and Place of your birth give you a unique mapping of the  stars. Find out the potentials of your inner workings. Insights into:  Love, Money, Health and Inspiration are revealed. Session includes a  Printed Natal Chart Mandala. 

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Understand the strengths and challenges of your relationship. This can  be any type of relationship including business, mate, family member or  potential partner.  


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Natal Consultations are part of the  couple’s session if first time clients.


The place where you move to and take up residence changes the potentials  of your natal Chart. Travel along these lines affect you deeply. When  embarking on a new project, considering location strongly changes the  outcome. Discover the effects of your present home, where you might move  to or where you are planning to travel. 


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This is an Add onto a Natal Consultation.

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More Consultations

Be sure to have your Date, Time, and Location of Birth for Astrology or choose Tarot!

Solar Return

Each year the Sun returns to its exact mathematical position of your  birth setting themes for the coming year. Find out the themes and trends  of the current year and the year to come. Session includes a Solar return Chart Mandala. This is a “Birthday” consultation.


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This is an add on only to Natal Consultation.


Each day, week and month the cosmic sky changes. Contact with these  shifts alters our feelings and offers new possibilities. Find out how to  make use the energy of the stars by knowing their influences upon you  in this present and times to come. 


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This is an Add-on only to a Natal Astrology Consultation.



Tarot is an ancient art of divination based on the Kabala. The deck of 78 Tarot Cards contains information of the past, present and  future. This is as much a  healing session as it is a journey in self discovery. Guidance is here for you!
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  • $156 per hour
  • $99 per 30 minutes
    Parties $350 minimum for up to 2 hours. $150 per each additional hour, $85 per additional half hour.
    Additional travel expenses not included.


Change your thoughts, end cravings, and bad habits. Ambika is a certified Hypnotherapist through Pegasus Trance-formations & recognized Hypnotherapist by the Board of Hypnotherapy and Pegasus March 3, 1996.
Be the change you crave!

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Learn Astrology with Ambika

This course gives you a strong foundation and understanding of the Numbers, Planets, Signs, and Houses of Astrology. Each student focuses on their own chart or a chosen chart for the entire course. Classes are conducted 1 on 1 via live meetings. We focus on the Tropical Zodiac however the basic information is easily applicable to Jyotisha.


Astrology Course

Study with me:

  • Package of 10 classes $950
  • Enroll today for 10 one hour classes by appointment in live video calls. 

Ready to find out more?


Prepare for to peak and get over stage-fright for good! Be heard and get your point across clearly. Never have to memorize and dazzle your audiences. You are one talk away from your next great relationship, your next big sale, and your next promotion!

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Personal Coaching

Choose your category and increase your knowledge as you amplify your vibratory field. Whether a beginner or advanced seeker, Ambika Takes you to an higher level of understanding and peace.

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