Kindness Beyond the Veil

Kindness Beyond the Veil with Special Guest, Ambika Devi! Expert Astrologer, renowned Author and Speaker on United Public Radio and UFO Paranormal with Chip Chip Reichenthal. We discussed Astrology and Astronomy, Holistic Health, Magick, Grey School of Wizardry and I gave tips on what it really means to find your, “Happy Place” and change your …

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Perfect Daily Meditation

Listen to this Guided Meditation to set the foundation for a perfect day! Listen to Ambika guide you in a creative visualization meditation to make your day the best ever with powerful manifestation techniques! Listen to this at night and set intentions for a restful sleep and a great following day.

Learn the Integral Primordial Sound

A bija mantra, also known as a seed mantra, is a one-syllable sound used in meditation or yoga practice. The term comes from the Sanskrit, bija, meaning “seed,” man, meaning “to think,” and tra, meaning “liberate.” In general, chanting a mantra focuses concentration on one purpose and/or stills the mind. The mantras are typically chanted as the yogi relaxes in …

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