Ignite Your Life event this Saturday June 26, 2021!

I am excited to invite you to a fantastic, event called “Ignite Your Life,” this Saturday, June 26th! It is an 8-hour long festival for your body, mind, and spirit. I am presenting the keynote speech and giving a workshop on, “Taming the Mind,” we also have live healing sessions, panel discussions, one-on-one interactions, and more, with a …

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Do Chakras Spin?

Chakras are multi dimensional. How can we measure something beyond our dimension in two or three dimensions? We cannot. Chakras and vital energy Chakras are psychic centers of transformation. The word Chakra literally means a “wheel” or a disc or any arrangement in a circular organization in the language of Samskritham, संस्कृतं what we in …

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My Oral and Nasal Care Routine

This is my daily regime and links to all the products she mentions. Neti, Oral care, and why I don’t get sick! Here are the links promised in the video: Neti Pot ceramicFor travel non BPA plastic Neti PotCopper Tongue Scraper Oral Care by the essential Wizard I use all of them!Uncle Harry’s ReMineralizationTheraNeem Tooth …

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Kindness Beyond the Veil

Kindness Beyond the Veil with Special Guest, Ambika Devi! Expert Astrologer, renowned Author and Speaker on United Public Radio and UFO Paranormal with Chip Chip Reichenthal. We discussed Astrology and Astronomy, Holistic Health, Magick, Grey School of Wizardry and I gave tips on what it really means to find your, “Happy Place” and change your …

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Igniting Your Intuitive Magick!

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Susan Barron Finn‘s show, “Rise Above the Noise,” this week! We talked about why I spell magick with a, “ck” and Susan gave some great digital marketing tips.