Ambika Devi

Kindness Beyond the Veil

Kindness Beyond the Veil with Special Guest, Ambika Devi! Expert Astrologer, renowned Author and Speaker on United Public Radio and UFO Paranormal with Chip Chip Reichenthal. We discussed Astrology and Astronomy, Holistic Health, Magick, Grey School of Wizardry and I gave tips on what it really means to find your, “Happy Place” and change your …

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Igniting Your Intuitive Magick!

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Susan Barron Finn‘s show, “Rise Above the Noise,” this week! We talked about why I spell magick with a, “ck” and Susan gave some great digital marketing tips.

Many wonder why I do not eat onions and garlic

Many things can disturb the mind. We are constantly bombarded with radio and micro waves of energy, advertising, and thoughts carried on an undercurrent of sub-vocalization. These possess a great deal of information that we are not necessarily understanding and comprehending in the natural state of thought but, our bodies are reading and taking all …

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