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With 43 years of experience I show you how to transform your life, calm the mind, increase career happiness and success, and build body-mind-spirit wholeness and wellness. Life is to be savored and enjoyed. Happiness is your birthright. I teach you to create an extraordinary life. I am devoted to your transformation, here to hand you the keys to success and productivity, and give to you the courage you need to open the door.  Read my Bio.

You have gifts and talent in authentically being yourself. This is where the positive changes you crave transform you and world around you. I guide you to identify the perfect career and demographic as well as branding and marketing in one-on-one counseling. I ignite creativity in your group with trainings, and transformational speaking. Let's go beyond your wildest dreams!   Join my Mailing List!


Being the Magick!

Why I spell Magick with a, "ck"

I am passionate about your happiness and giving you the tools you need to manifest your dreams. I believe that we all have the power to create what ever we want in life and to live it fully. This is why I spell magick with a, "ck." For me, adding the letter, "k," to this word gives it special sauce and a vitamin boost. There was a time when there were two words to describe different types of magick. The word magic spelled with just the, "c," meant sleight of hand, prestidigitation, and foolery. The word magick the way I spell it means the supernatural, the inexplicable. I am excited to see you infused with your own magick!

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The Power of 3
Three 90 minute sessions leading you on the path of your choice.

Freedom Path - Career Target
Relationship Renovation
Character Charming - Wordsmything


Identify your story

There is a Book in You! You deserve to write and publish it!

Quarterly mentoring to keep you on track with your book development and publishing.


Free trainings and resources:


Video Learning

Audio Learning


"In the summer of 2018, Ambika witnessed me super stressed about an upcoming visit with family. She asked if I wanted to do a Thought Loop Transformation Process. In less than ten minutes, she was able to derail the stress and put me back on track for successful interactions with a difficult relative. The sudden peace I felt over the impending visit felt surreal and yet three days later when I visited the family, I kept my cool, avoided taking the bait of discussing hot topics that almost always turned into an argument on previous occasions, and I was able to part the visit and interactions on good terms. Amazing!"

Rusti L


"I recommend engaging in a session with this lovely soul! She is so spot on, enlightening, and genuine. I will definitely be returning!"

Ali L


"Thank you Ambika for your sharing your wisdom and knowledge with such Love and Compassion. I am grateful for the insights that you gave are a Wise Woman that graciously weaves the threads of truth to reveal the beauty of our unfolding tapestry."

Carmen M


"Ambika is the person I recommend to anyone seeking a 100% spot on coaching session. She is kind and very fun to learn from. Contact her and find out for yourself. I promise you will be pleased. I am very happy with the tools and suggestions she gave to me."

Richard C


"Dear Ambika, thank you for your clear advice and insight. You gave me precise information about situations in my past and are spot on with guidance and insights for my future planning. It is uncanny how specific you are, your intuition is on point! Thank you again!"

Roberto U

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