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I am on a peace building mission to help people realize their true nature so that they can step out of the churning river of thoughts and activity of the mind, stop wearing insane schedules like badges of honor, and begin their days reinforced with the calmness a meditation practice brings.

With 44 years of experience, 13,000 plus hours of study and having taught over 19,000 people the art of meditation, I give you five clear steps that lead you directly into a deep state of meditation. As your coach I place you precisely on your path using tools from my multiple degrees in fields of study including: A Masters in Yoga and Meditation, and bachelor’s degrees in Astrology, and Fine Arts.

As an international best-selling and award-winning author I help you  bring your vision of a book into reality. As a speaker I motivate and inspire audiences so that they feel empowered to transform themselves and help others. I have appeared on The Learning Channel, syndicated and public radio, and in periodicals as a relationship and communication expert and taught Holistic Health at the university level for 21 years.

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End Sleep Envy with Ambika Devi

Sleep is an important element in enjoying superior health and vibrancy. Lying awake at night is not allowing your body to rest and repair. In this course I show you how to get into a deeply relaxed state so that you comfortably drift into a very deep sleep and get the ZZZs you crave!

Ambika's  Coaching

Choose Three 90 minute sessions to focus on Identifying who you are in Career,  Relationships, and your relationship with your mind.

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Together we identify and organize your book and a publishing plan.


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Books by Ambika Devi

Books by Ambika Devi

Ambika is a best selling international award winning author. As a child, she filled the margins of her notebooks with original stories, drawings, and poetry. This mystified her teachers but thankfully that did not stop her. Her loving humor, mystical wisdom, and colorful cosmic insight fueled by an eternal thirst for knowledge fly off the pages of her books and into the hearts of her readers.

Testimonial Gislene Heil
"30 minutes on the phone with Ambika and my many questions about business were answered. I cannot thank Ambika enough for her generosity and gusto with which she promptly responded to my needs. I immensely recommend Ambika's coaching to anyone whether you are looking to get out of a jam or looking to soar."

- Gislene Hein

Testimonial Ginger Miranda
"With Ambika’s expert advice, I opened my own business. Her love and support, phenomenal feedback, and skillful writing and editing have boosted my confidence. Thank you Ambika, I am so grateful for your coaching! You are a gem."

- Ginger Miranda

Testimonial Darby Huffman
"Ambika has a natural ability to sense elements and events in an uncommon way. She really sheds light and compassion on the subjects she teaches. Her insight are very intuitive and helped me identify new areas of growth I hadn't seen before. I highly recommend coaching with her."

- Darby Huffman, the Laughing Gnome

Testimonial Adam Dvoracek
"I consulted with Ambika in early 2020 regarding relocation. She advised me using Astro-locality and consequently I relocated to the suggested area and the change I experienced was instant and omnipresent in all aspects of my life. When I set my foot on the new ground I was offered a new amazing job, a new house, and I connected to many great relationships and friendships. In addition I had a swift closing of the previous location and I am feeling alive again. I highly recommend, Ambika as an Astrologer!"

- Adam Dvoracek

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